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23.04.14 22:20
Relieving electric vehicle range anxiety with improved batteries

Electric vehicles could travel farther and more renewable energy could be stored with...

23.04.14 22:20
Unlocking secrets of new solar material

A new solar material that has the same crystal structure as a mineral first found in the Ural...

23.04.14 22:20
Small connection, big implications: Wiring up carbon-based electronics

Carbon-based nanostructures such as nanotubes, graphene sheets, and nanoribbons are unique building...

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OCOVA 2007 : Presentations

Session 1 Clusters & Developpement

SCS Cluster (G. Falessi, Pôle SCS)

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Minalogic Cluster (F. Chautain, CEA-Leti)

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Torino Wireless (E. Calia, ISMB)

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SIIT Genova (D. Caviglia, Genova UNiversity)

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Supporting & Financing Projects (R. Uhlmann, Méditerranée Technologies)

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Supporting & Financing SME's (P. Joubert, Oseo-Innovation)

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Session 2 Communicating Objects & Healthcare

SCS Cluster: Traceability & Healthcare (C. Prior, STMicroelectronics)

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Telemedicine experimentations (X. Sepulchre, Ifremmont)

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Motion Sensors for health (B. Flament, Movea)

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Session 3a
Identity & Multiapplicative solutions 
for the Person: Cluster Projects

SCS Cluster & Connectivity (L. Londeix, Orange Labs, France)

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SCS Cluster & Identity (F. Edme, Pôle SCS, France)

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Genova SIIT Projects (D. Caviglia, Genova University, Italy)

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Torino Wireless & Infomobility (E. Calia, ISMB, Italy)

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RFID & Wireless Systems (W. John, Fraunhofer NRW, Germany)

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SmartTouch Project (T. TUIKKA, VTT, Finland)

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Session 3b
Identity & Multiapplicative solutions 
for the Person: Technology & Usage

Innovatio in Chips Securty & Design (M. Bartosik, L. Jeannerot, ATMEL)

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SmartCard Innovations (M. Thomas, GEmalto)

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Solutions & Evolutions for Electronic Identification (L. Sourgen, STMIcroelectronics)

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City 2.0 & Active Identities (C. Nepote, R. Francou, FING)

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BRAINsTORMING  Session conducted by  T. Gustafsson, Innotiimi

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