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18.04.14 22:20
New tech could lead to night vision contact lenses

An ultrathin light detector that can sense wavelengths our eyes can't see has the potential to put...

18.04.14 22:20
Financing for invisible energy harvesting coatings

The financing will enable Ubiquitous Energy to expand its technology development team, establish a...

18.04.14 22:20
Excitons observed in action for the first time

A quasiparticle called an exciton — responsible for the transfer of energy within devices...

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OCOVA AlpMedNet -- Gap Forum on 10-11 September 2013

Fostering economical development via the deployment of very high-speed internet or mobile connection. The deployment of optical fiber to residential premises and offices (FTTH, FTTO), as well as of 4G mobile connection within territories, opens up new oppotunities:

  • Attractive environment for companies spécialized in digtal services such as remote management (energy, buildings, infrastructures, fleet management...) telerecruitment,e-learning, car-sharing, etc.
  • Easy access to shared data and applications (cloud computing), big data, grid-enabled applications , etc.
  • Emerging new services to companies, collectivities and the persons

Déploying new infrastrcuture, environment, and risk management tools:

  • Combined to easy access to Very high-speed network, the expansion of sensor networks, of machine-to-machine, of obile applications offers new possibilities in risk detection and management, infrastructure control, environmental protection.
  • Among others, flood represents a major risk whether in mountain or plain. Several pilot projects based on flood detection, risk modelling, decision making and alert management are in process and will be discussed in a dedicated workshop.

Promoting territories, resorts and tourist areas via internet-based communication and mobile applications

Altogether, the Internet, social networks, mobile applications, and augmented reality compose a very powerful technological environment for valorizing territories, lodging, equipment and attractions for tourists. OCOVA 2013 will continue the actions initiated in prior editions to facilitate the emergence of projects on:

  • Commercial promotion for resorts and tourist sites (dedicated services, commercial offers, general and security information to the tourists, etc.)
  • Stay animation via mobile applications and dedicated social-networks (playful content, sporting trails and theme walks, etc.).
  • Valorizing the architectural and landscape heritage via augmented reality and interactive content on any type of screens or mobile devices.

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